Hy-Force PCR 900 Pile Breaker / Pile Cropper

Hy-Force PCR 900 Pile Breaker / Pile Cropper

The HY-FORCE PCR 900 hydraulic pile breaker is a unique machine capable off controlling the pile cropping process. Manufactured in the UK our pile breakers provide civil engineering contractors with a new attachment for removing excess precast piles and allow the operator to trim the pile down to the correct level.

PCR-900 Pile Breaker is used for breaking down the piles leaving the rebar exposed on both diameter piles and square precast piles. Easy to use and set up on site the PCR-900 Pile Breaker runs from the excavator’s hydraulics and has been designed to handle the pressures generated by the excavator’s hydraulic system (350 bar) and use it to its full extent.

The new design of the PCR-900 Pile Breaker delivers the power at the cutting points evenly with advanced flow control delivering power and cutting accuracy when and where it’s needed most.

The PCR-900 Pile Breaker rugged construction is suited to the harsh environment it will be used in and will provide many years of service.


  • Maximum Diameter Pile: 900 mm
  • Maximum Pressure: 350 bar
  • Flow: 100 lpm
  • Weight: 2600 kg
  • Excavator Weight: 25 tons +

Key Features

  • Handles Square and Round Piles
  • Interchangeable Cutting Teeth made to your specification
  • Cutting power and accuracy with all 4 blades pressing the same force on each cutting point
  • Light weight design using high strength materials reducing weight
  • Can work in confined spaces and where piles are closely grouped

Other Benefits Include:

  • Piles can be reduced faster due to the new design that uses a new profile of cutting tooth that removes the concrete from the rebar.
  • The machine can process the pile, not just cut it, by crushing the wasted concrete, turning it into a material that is reusable on site. This removes the need to send the pile concrete to be crushed or sent to land fill.
  • The machine uses a special hydraulic control system that increases the power of the machine and controls the cutting heads so they are all fully synchronised, enabling  the machine to crush the pile accurately.
  • All wear parts are made from special alloys that increase the life span of the cutting teeth.

Pile Breaker Range Specs

The HY-FORCE PCR range of hydraulic pile breakers is currently made up of four models - each essentially the same machine but of varying sizes and cutting capabilities:

Pile Cutter Model
Max. Diamaeter Pile
Max. Pressure
Excavator Weight
PCR 450
450 mm
350 bar
1300 kg
PCR 650
650 mm Round / 500 mm Square
350 bar
1750 kg
13 tons +
PCR 900
900 mm
350 bar
100 lpm
2600 kg
25 tons +